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  1. CryptoKitty Creators Release New 'Easy-To-Use' Ethereum Wallet  CoinDesk

    Dapper Labs, the creator of CryptoKitty, has released a new Ethereum “smart wallet” called Dapper. The goal? To make crypto and cryptocollectables far easier...

  2. Ethereum’s Decentralization in Question with 376 Wallets Holding One-Third of All ETH  Ethereum World News

    According to a new research by Chainalysis Inc., there are just 376 wallets holding as much as one-third of all the Ether, the token that runs the Ethereum...

  3. CryptoKitties Parent Company Teases New Ethereum (ETH) Wallet  SludgeFeed

    On Wednesday, Dapper Labs, the team behind the first major blockchain collectibles game, CryptoKitties, began accepting early access sign-ups for its next...